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B.E.S.T. for Autism B.E.S.T. for Autism B.E.S.T. for Autism B.E.S.T. for Autism B.E.S.T. for Autism B.E.S.T. for Autism B.E.S.T. for Autism B.E.S.T. for Autism B.E.S.T. for Autism B.E.S.T. for Autism B.E.S.T. for Autism B.E.S.T. for Autism B.E.S.T. for Autism B.E.S.T. for Autism B.E.S.T. for Autism B.E.S.T. for Autism


"I am extremely grateful for all of these services"

"Thank you for the foundation you laid for [child's] education. He is now up to 30 hours per week and is doing great. We very much enjoyed all of tutors and appreciate all that you did for [child] and our family. B.E.S.T. did an outstanding job and I'm thankful to have gotten to work with you...”

"Everyone was very nice and respectful to my family”

"We are grateful [with this program] because it made a tremendous difference to our child's life. She changed a lot...from a child that hardly talks, to a very communicative child. Now, our child has more words to express what she wants and it made our daily tasking easier. Thanks for all the help.”

"The week before my child's IEP there was an assessment of his abilities. I was so elated to report that he could do many, many things that he could not do even two months prior. I know that a lot of his new found abilities are directly related to the BEST intervention...[my child] will now attend a regular curriculum preschool...Thank you for helping him.”

"Our family is changing positively every day. Thanks”

"Totally awesome people and highly recommended by my family to everyone...I cannot say enough [about] how everyone helped [my child] and myself, as well as my family...with how to work with his autism.”

"[My child] is now using multiple words together and had no words when he began with BEST. He asks for what he wants, plays independently, pretend plays, [and] is no longer frustrated at his inability to communicate, and shares his interests and joy with us...”

"Thank you for making such a difference in our lives.”

"[Our child] learned so many new things while working with BEST. He went from nonverbal to gaining a huge vocabulary...can now repeat almost any word asked of him and uses most of his words spontaneously. [Our child] plays with us now and communicates. We are so pleased with his progress.”

"I would recommend any parents to this program”

"When [our child] joined the BEST program, at the age of two, he barely, demonstrated the social skills, sentence structure, and overall confidence he now has. BEST has brought him completely out of his shell in all aspects of his life in just one year of tutoring...[the staff] was nothing short of amazing in their knowledge, patience, and most of all, caring and loving of [our child]. I would recommend any parents to this program.”

"This was the BEST program for my child”

"[Our child] is able to listen and work on tasks for 25 minutes or more. His eye contact is 100% better. He is able to understand English and Spanish. He has also started talking. He responds to his name, and has better behavior throughout the day.”

"I have seen a huge improvement in her behavior”

"I am very thankful to all the therapists that worked with him"

"Our whole experience with the staff of BEST was wonderful...They all made what could have been a tough adjustment for our family, an easy one.”

"[Our child] went from only speaking 5-10 words with no labeling, to speaking over 200 words with lots of to appropriately [make eye contact] when saying ‘hello' or ‘bye'”

"I am happy, very happy that BEST has been a part of my daughters' life”

"My child learned to name parts of his make eye contact better...big improvement on patience...and expanded his vocabulary, big time.”

"My child learned to play with others and learned PECs so she can communicate her needs to me...makes things easier on our family”

"I am very grateful for ALL the help”

"[My child] learned to use ‘yes' appropriately...answer personal questions. He seems to have blossomed in regards to pretend play. I feel like [child] and I are communicating much better than we were. He seems to have developed more comprehension of language and how to use words more appropriately.”

"We are very thankful for the service you provided”

"Before BEST my child only screamed to communicate anything! Now, he can point, use PECS, and communicate to a point I never even dreamed of”

"Everyone was wonderful and amazing. My son truly loved and enjoyed his daily sessions and being with staff.”

"He began waving ‘hi' and ‘bye'...and started pointing.”

"You guys are the BEST, I can only describe you as angels...your effort and hard work with my son were very and continue to be very much the answer to my prayers.”

"They work efficiently and professionally in providing services.”

"I have seen much progress with [child]. I have confidence that [child] will mainstream by 5 years old with BEST's help.”

"BEST is the greatest program ever...they helped my child in many ways. I want say that [therapist] was the greatest therapist to work with my child. She was just great in every way. Thank you guys for everything. I know my child could have got a lot more from BEST if they were able to with her longer.”

"BEST has been wonderful...Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!”
"Very impressed with the program and I enjoyed the staff and their knowledge. My son learned new information.”
"We enjoyed having BEST in our home everyday. The boys and us will miss all the teachers.”


"The therapists did such an amazing job in helping [child]. I am so thankful for all their dedication and hard work.”

"I just wanted to take the time to thank the team that worked with [child]. We are very grateful for all of you and your help with [child's] progress. Through this process you all have been supportive and absolutely wonderful. You will have a special place in our hearts. Always.”

"[Child] has acquired many new skills while working with BEST...and excessive behaviors have greatly diminished since we have started working with BEST.”

"I would recommend BEST to everyone I know.”

"I just want to thank you for helping my child to learn several things and helping me understand him and how to work things with him. Thanks to you he is more cooperative with me and he is playing much with other kids. Thanks so much.”

"We are extremely satisfied with BEST with the way they worked with [child] and us...They even gave us pointers on how to handle some issues we have with [child] and how to teach him similar to what they do during one on one sessions. It was helpful in reinforcing and generalizing his newly acquired skills during days that he does not have class with BEST.”

"I am very pleased with the services provided by BEST. My child has made huge improvements and I know every therapist and supervisor have all contributed to making a difference in his life.”

"Just wanted to say what a wonderful program this was. We were very lucky we were able to participate. My son learned so much! The therapists were all fantastic and willing to answer all my questions. Keep doing the fabulous work.”

"[Child] has improved so much. He has not thrown as many tantrum. His verbal skills have improved, and so has his understanding of words. He was always affectionate, but his caring and lovingness have extended not just to us, but to outside family as well.”

"I am truly grateful to the BEST confidence as a mother has grown in time, dealing, training, and supporting my son. [Child] has grown so much, it amazes all of us. My family and I are all very proud of [child] and his achievements and we all know that in part it is due to the love, care, and all the attention that has been invested in him by everyone at BEST...”

"BEST was wonderful. Before [my child] had services he could not communicate with us and now he can speak full sentences! He has come a long way!.”

"I am truly grateful to the BEST confidence as a mother has grown in time, dealing, training, and supporting my son. [Child] has grown so much, it amazes all of us. My family and I are all very proud of [child] and his achievements and we all know that in part it is due to the love, care, and all the attention that has been invested in him by everyone at BEST...”

"BEST has done a wonderful job meeting my child's individual needs”
"My child learned to expand his language and increase his conversation time...improved his ability to deal with disappointment. Improved play skills, fine motor skills.”


"BEST is really the best! Whatever you guys are doing works. We are all happy and very satisfied with the services. You guys utilize time very good and work with the child until the last minute. I would recommend BEST to anyone I know.”

"BEST staff has done a wonderful job meeting my child's individual needs. Concerns are addressed promptly and professionally.”

"Thank you for your hard work and efforts. I am so glad you will be continuing his card when he turn three.”

"We are so thankful to have [child] in this program. Everything that they have worked on and the way they worked on was exactly what she needed. This program was the greatest for her. I just wish we got into it earlier.”

"I strongly recommend new families with children with Autism to this program”

"I'm so thankful that my daughter had the opportunity to work with such great therapists that all worked with her using the same methods and similar praises to respond to. She definitely benefited from working with BEST! Thank you for all your help with [my child's] developmental improvements and all the positive behaviors she acquired.”

"The therapists working for BEST have an extreme extra ordinary amount of patients that is deeply appreciated. It's something very special and encourages parents to do the same!”

"We were very impressed with the professionalism and kindness exhibited by everyone on [my child's] team. We found the one to one parent meetings to be especially useful and insightful. It was a pleasure having each of you in our home and we definitely think social and communication skills improved as a direct result of the services she received from BEST”

"The program was absolutely wonderful and I am so thankful that my boys were able to participate. They learned so much in such a short amount of time!”

"Last year was difficult for us; our fears were confirmed when [our child] was diagnosed on the autism spectrum and we often felt depressed and anxious about her future. We still worry, but now we are generally hopeful and feel much more empowered. This turnaround was possible because of the wonderful programs like yours...Thank you again for the compassionate and practical assistance given to our family. We miss and fondly remember our BEST friends.”

"Thank you for all your support, guidance, and ‘pep' talks. I appreciate our one on one meetings to help me help [my son]. For letting me know that this is all going to be ok even when I really felt that it wasn't. And for letting me cry and share my fears with you.”

"Everyone should have someone like you to turn to. It has been a great comfort to know that you would be coming in and that I could ask you what to do in such a variety of situations.”

"Everyone of you has made a difficult time in our lives a little smoother. We were both apprehensive about having so many people coming in and out of our home but we needn't have been. All of you have been so professional and yet so kindly and friendly. I started looking forward to the visits, knowing that [my child] was getting such good care. You became a part of our family in such a short time.”

"I have nothing but good things to say about this program...I was always able to ask questions...Most of all, my son has improved his eye contact...and that's a wonderful thing!”