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"Everyone was very nice and respectful to my family”


"We are grateful [with this program] because it made a tremendous difference to our child's life. She changed a lot...from a child that hardly talks, to a very communicative child. Now, our child has more words to express what she wants and it made our daily tasking easier. Thanks for all the help.”


"Our family is changing positively every day. Thanks”


"Totally awesome people and highly recommended by my family to everyone...I cannot say enough [about] how everyone helped [my child] and myself, as well as my family...with how to work with his autism.”


"Thank you for making such a difference in our lives.”


"[My child] is now using multiple words together and had no words when he began with BEST. He asks for what he wants, plays independently, pretend plays, [and] is no longer frustrated at his inability to communicate, and shares his interests and joy with us...”


"The week before my child's IEP there was an assessment of his abilities. I was so elated to report that he could do many, many things that he could not do even two months prior. I know that a lot of his new found abilities are directly related to the BEST intervention...[my child] will now attend a regular curriculum preschool...Thank you for helping him.”


"[Our child] learned so many new things while working with BEST. He went from nonverbal to gaining a huge vocabulary...can now repeat almost any word asked of him and uses most of his words spontaneously. [Our child] plays with us now and communicates. We are so pleased with his progress.”


"I would recommend any parents to this program”


"When [our child] joined the BEST program, at the age of two, he barely, demonstrated the social skills, sentence structure, and overall confidence he now has. BEST has brought him completely out of his shell in all aspects of his life in just one year of tutoring...[the staff] was nothing short of amazing in their knowledge, patience, and most of all, caring and loving of [our child]. I would recommend any parents to this program.”


"This was the BEST program for my child”


"[Our child] is able to listen and work on tasks for 25 minutes or more. His eye contact is 100% better. He is able to understand English and Spanish. He has also started talking. He responds to his name, and has better behavior throughout the day.”